‘Love your country’: Govt makes impassioned plea to Zimbabweans

Government has made an impassioned plea to Zimbabweans to love their country and stop ‘churning’ out negativity regardless of the differences people may have with each othee.

This call from Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa, comes as some Zimbabweans resent the government for causing socioeconomic and political problems that continue to afflict the majority of citizens.

Mutsvangwa, urged citizens to avoid spreading negative information about the country and instead demonstrate devotion and love for the country.

“Challenges we have seen are in distinguishing informative information from intentional, ignorant falsehoods… which tells us there are some who just sit in a corner and take a pen and paper or a gadget and start writing things which are not factual,” she said at a media indaba in Bulawayo on Thursday, .

“Remember we are Zimbabweans, when we sit down to write, you are writing something which is factual. We cannot continue to write lies about our country. It doesn’t matter who is paying you or who is trying to divert you from loving your country.”

According to the information minister, loving one’s country was an asset that promoted unity.

“There is nothing as good as loving your own country. I  lived in so many countries when I was a diplomat for the first 15 years after independence. I lived in America specifically in an area where every house had an American flag flying at that house,” Mutsvangwa said.

“It’s important to love your country, we can have differences, argue about whatever it is but what is critical is to love your country because that is the only country you have.”

Mutsvangwa claimed the frequent publication of negative content about Zimbabwe created an unfavourable perception of the country.

“Imagine if you are going to churn out lies about Zimbabwe, those people out there will build a perception about this country based on those lies and when you travel outside this country,  nobody travels with a badge saying, ‘I am Zanu PF, CCC or MDC,” said the information minister.

“We all travel with one document which identifies us all which is our Zimbabwean passport so remember it will catch up with you.”

She also stressed the importance of factual reporting, saying the information ministry was open to constructive criticism that sought to build Zimbabwe.

“We as a ministry are there to be criticised but let it be constructive criticism we will listen and move with you. Those who have approached me with some complaints and what have you, know I respond  and will always find a way to move forward together,” Mutsvangwa said.

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