Lockdown: Govt brings back roadblocks

The government has reintroduced security checkpoints to enforce the lockdown regulations.

In a tweet on Tuesday, government spokersperson Ndavaningi Mangwana said the security checkpoints will be in place after the morning rush.

“The current enforcement of lockdown measures has been reviewed. Roadblocks will only start after the rush hours of 0630 to 1000. Between 1000 and 1830 there will be roadblocks whose purpose is to enforce the lockdown and keep people safe. Curfew remains 1830-0600,” he tweeted.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa over two weeks ago, tightened the country’s Covid-19 control measures, moving them to a tougher level 4.

Under the new lockdown measures, businesses are now expected to operate from 0800 hours and close at 1530hours with intercity movement being prohibited, except for production and distribution of food and medicine.

Commercial transport remains operational to allow the economy to continue to run, but under strict observance of Covid-19 protocols with the industry being directed to decongest workplaces to 40 percent of manning levels.

Essential service providers are also required to produce exemption letters to prove that they are working late after the 6.30 pm to prove that they are providing an essential service.

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