Lightning leaves family facing poverty

Nokuthula Moyo (44), a villager from Mbembesi resettlement area in Lupane who lost 13 cattle to a bolt of lightning last week says her family has sunk into poverty after losing its source of living.

A bolt of lightning struck a herd of 16 cattle recently killing them all on the spot.

Thirteen belonged to Moyo, two to Hospital Ncube from a neighbouring village and another beast to Josiah Mpofu from another village.

The cattle were in the bush when it started raining last week Thursday night.

Moyo (44) is married to Zibusiso Dube who is based in South Africa and she has been single-handedly taking care of their five children while he has been holed up in the neighbouring country for a few years now.

“This is a difficult situation for me. These cattle were our source of livelihood and it’s like I have lost my children,” said a distraught Moyo.

Only three minor claves that had remained at home survived the strike.

Moyo is appealing for help.

“They were in the bush at night and they were struck around 9 pm. All that remains are three calves. My husband is in South Africa and these cattle have been our source of livelihood with my children meaning in this situation we will not be able to till our land this year.

“I wish we could get help, especially for food and school fees for my children because if we don’t farm then we have nothing to eat or survive on,” she said.

Her eldest child was born in 2000 and is in South Africa while the youngest is doing ECD.

Moyo can be contacted on 0771906014.

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