Legislator pushes for establishment of Bulilima hospital

Plans are afoot to convert Ndolwane Clinic in Plumtree into a district hospital, a legislator has revealed.

Bulilima District does not have a district hospital and villagers are forced to travel long distances to Plumtree District Hospital.

In an interview with CITE, Bulilima West Member of Parliament Dingumuzi Phuti said plans to convert the clinic at an advanced stage, which will see Bulilima district having its first hospital.

“We engaged with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and we are at the advanced stages to convert Ndolwane clinic into a rural district hospital. We cannot wait for groundbreaking for another hospital when we have facilities constructed in 1938 and have everything required for a district hospital. There was once an ambulance and medical doctor at the clinic,” said Phuti.

Phuti said he had also engaged with the Bulilima community and the medical team from Plumtree District Hospital.

He said Bulilima needed a hospital to cut long distances villagers have to travel to the district hospital

“Social services need to go straight to the people, not vice versa. Bulilima people have to travel long distances on poor roads to go get treated at Plumtree hospital. Some even die before the ambulance comes or and others die on their way to Plumtree, which is unacceptable.

“If we don’t have a district hospital in our constituency resources brought by Bulilima people to Plumtree District Hospital will be shared between Bulilima and Mangwe, hence affecting development in our constituency”.

Bulilima is unlike its neighbouring district Mangwe which can refer patients to St Annes Brunapeg.

Bulilima and Mangwe were once Bulilimamangwe before they were split into two districts.

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