Khupe attends CCC meeting

MDC-T president, Thokozani Khupe, made her first-ever appearance at a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) meeting in Bulawayo Saturday, sources have told CITE.

The provincial meeting held at McDonald Hall in Mzilikazi was addressed by interim president Nelson Chamisa.

Khupe heads one of the MDC-T factions and last month before the March 26 by-elections announced that she was supporting CCC and urged her supporters to do so.

Clad in CCC regalia, Khupe also endorsed Chamisa as the 2023 presidential candidate.

Despite these overtures by Khupe to show support for the new party and create a united front to defeat Zanu-PF, some within CCC including senior leadership are still reluctant for her to become part of them.

There were however attempts by party youths to block Khupe from attending the Saturday meeting.

Khupe is said to have come to the meeting in the company of Chamisa, Welshman Ncube, Abednico Bhebhe, David Coltart and other senior party officials.

“At the entrance Khupe was blocked by the youths from entering; she was like pushed away,” said sources, adding that forced Chamisa to intervene.

The ‘angry’ youths and supporters accused Khupe of being a ZPF mole to destroy the party.

“Khupe you are not welcome here. All along you were dining and wine-ing with (Emmerson) Mnangagwa, busy plotting the destruction of our party. You even recalled our members from parliament, who are some of the leaders you want to meet today. Are you not ashamed of what you did?” shouted the youths.

Chamisa was forced to intervene as the situation was turning ugly and ordered the youths to let Dr Khupe inside the meeting.

The sources said Chamisa was also quoted as saying: “I am not a leader of a violent community and I will never accept violence.  This is why I left MDC to form a peaceful organisation with God fearing supporters. I do not want this to resemble Mnangagwa’s organisation or even that of Mugabe.”

Chamisa had to then bring Khupe in, sources said.

According to sources Khupe did not sit at the high table but joined other grassroots where she was part of all the proceedings of the meeting.

Khupe was also allegedly denied entry at White City Stadium in Bulawayo and Mkoba Stadium in Gweru during the party’s star rallies last month ahead of the March 26 by-elections.

Her moves to be part of CCC have apparently divided the party with some senior party members.

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