1500 jobs hang in the balance at NRZ

About 1 500 employees on short term contracts at the ailing and loss-making National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) are at risk of losing their jobs as the parastatal implements what it has termed “staff rationalisation.”

NRZ has said the process is part of the ongoing restructuring exercise.

In a circular dated August 11, NRZ chief human resources and administration manager, one S. Mlambo urged employees to embrace it.

“Further to the General Manager’s circular of even reference, dated 29 July 2021 in the above regard, the following guidelines are further given please:-,” said Mlambo.

“Those employees whose jobs are on the new structure without material changes to the scope and sub-grades shall maintain the status quo. Those employees in positions whose scope and sub-grades have changed should be appointed to act in the new interim sub-grades in terms of the new structure. The normal manning and promotion processes will be followed in the subsequent filling of the affected positions.”

Mlambo said employees in positions whose interim sub-grades have changed without change to the scope of the position should similarly be treated.

“Those employees whose current positions are not on the new structure shall continue with their normal duties pending re-assignments/redeployments,” said Mlambo.

“Those employees whose jobs were granted lower sub-grades in the new structure will maintain their current status on a personal to holder basis i.e. there shall be no adjustments to their salaries and benefits. Once the implementation of the new organisation structure is complete, all the interim gradings shall be confirmed through a job evaluation exercise. Incumbents in the affected positions shall assist in the compilation of new job descriptions. Understandably, this exercise may take longer than expected and may involve both internal and external processes.”

Mlambo added: “Please be guided accordingly. My office and that of the Chief Planning and Strategy Manager remain available should there be need for further clarification/guidance.”

Meanwhile, NRZ acting general manager, Respina Zinyanduko recently accused employees of flouting corporate grievance presentation procedures by channelling their complaints to the board chairman, Martin Dinha.

She said employees found to be in violation of the rule would be dealt with accordingly.

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