Job seekers duped of $15k

Desperate job seekers in Bulawayo lost ZLW$15 000 to a fraudster who promised to secure employment for them at the fast-food giant, Simbisa Brands.

The fraudster would get information on the applications and approach the applicants promising to help them secure employment, even those without the requisite qualifications.

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident indicating that the fraudster is on the run. 

“We are investigating a case of fraud involving ZWL$15 000,” said Inspector Ncube.

The job seekers would be made to pay ZWL$5 000 for the fake certificate and facilitation fees.

“Once you pay the money, the fraudster goes offline, switches off all his mobile phones, but once you insist and want to meet this fraudster, he starts insulting you, calling all sorts of names,” he said.

Inspector Ncube warned the public to avoid sending strangers their identity particulars hoping that they would secure employment.

“We would want to warn members of the public to disassociate themselves with this fraudster, should you get employment invitations, you would rather go to the offices concerned rather than responding on any email,” he warned.

“Members of the public should avoid sending any information or their particulars or identities to strangers hoping that they will get employed, so be warned, this fraudster is still on the run but we are carrying our investigations with the hope that the net is going to close on him soon”.

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