Inyathi children to get free meals

Unathi Children’s Network Trust, a children’s rights-focused organisation has embarked on a feeding program set to benefit children in Inyathi, Matabeleland North.

Nokuthula Gavaza Madambi, founding director of the organisation, said the feeding program will target children between the ages of three and thirteen.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) induced national lockdown which commenced in March, has left many breadwinners not able to fend for their families, especially those in the informal sector.

Various organisations have been making donations to the government and to individuals to relieve those deeply affected by the lockdown.

Madambi said the feeding program, set to start on Tuesday, June 23, will ensure that the vulnerable children will be provided with breakfast and lunch every day of the week for the next six months.

“This is a six months program, pending on more donations,” said Madambi.

“We have identified 200 children and in observation of social distancing we will place them in groups of twenty.”

“In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisation noted that so many children have been left vulnerable and exposed to all forms of abuse. The child is left without basic food because the parent is no longer working. This has extremely affected children who come from marginalized homes in rural Zimbabwe. “

Madambi said donations received by the organisation are coming in from well-wishers from both local and diasporan communities.

“The organisation in support from well-wishers is embarking on a feeding program that will see children at Inyathi in Matabeleland North being catered for especially during this pandemic,” she said.

She further noted that through the same initiative, the organisation seeks to assist the girl child with sanitary wear which is now beyond the reach of many.

“We will also avail reusable pads for young girls who have no access to sanitary wear. The organisation projects to have this initiative spread across the whole of the Matabeleland region. We look forward to getting more support from various well-wishers, locally and from the diaspora.”

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