Hunt for Vic Falls bank robber still on


Zimbabwe Republic Police says that they are still searching for a suspected man who pointed a gun at ZB Bank workers in Victoria Falls last week before stealing US$12 000. 

National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told the publication that police were disturbed by the rumours that the man had been arrested at Umguza Tollgate dressed the same way as the day he committed the robbery. 

“Those rumours are not true,” Nyathi said. 

“We are still investigating that case and we can confirm that no one has been arrested for that robbery case. 

“We are disturbed by those lies on social media platforms because they are giving people some false information.” 

According to captured footage, the suspect was wearing a hat and mask covering his face while carrying a satchel. 

Police said the suspect got into a bank on Wednesday afternoon, armed with an unidentified pistol and posed as a genuine customer who wanted to enquire on the requirements to apply for a bank loan. 

As the bank was about to close for the day, the suspect remained behind while other customers were leaving. 

After all the other customers had left, he produced a pistol and ordered the bank tellers to surrender cash in their tills. 

After committing the crime, he reportedly walked out of the bank using a backdoor before running away. 

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