Heads and Hooves owner dies in apparent suicide

Christopher Androliakos, a renowned cattle breeder and proprietor of Heads and Hooves Butchery in Bulawayo, has died in a suspected suicide.

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, confirmed the incident, which occurred yesterday in Famona.

“The now deceased, Christopher Androliakos, a male adult aged 58, came back home and parked his vehicle. His wife had traveled to Harare, and the maid, a female adult aged 59, had finished her duties and went to her living quarters,” Inspector Ncube said.

Inspector Ncube reported that on the 13 June, 2024, the maid began her duties at around 6 am and found the doors of the main house still locked.

“She proceeded to the now deceased’s bedroom window and knocked, but there was no response. After waiting for some time, she entered through the kitchen window, which is always kept open to allow the cat to move freely.”

“As she was moving along the corridor towards the main bedroom, she discovered the body of the now deceased hanging from the ceiling loft with a nylon rope,” he said.

“A police report was made.”

In a separate incident, a 27-year-old man, Cecil Elisha, who was intending to fly to Johannesburg for a medical checkup, also committed suicide.

Inspector Ncube said that Elisha went to the toilets and took a long time to return, thereby delaying the flight, which was scheduled to depart JMN Airport at 1730 hours.

“The airport AVSEC officer started looking for him and found him hanging at the back of the door of the international departure toilet. He used a nylon rope to hang himself from the hinge at the back of the toilet door,” Inspector Ncube said.

Inspector Ncube urged members of the public to seek counseling if they encounter problems, rather than resorting to taking their own lives.

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