Granny appeals for assistance

A 78-year-old woman from Mapenkani village in Nkayi is appealing for financial assistance to take care of her orphaned granddaughters.

The twins, Sisasenkosi and Musawenkosi Gumede, aged seven years old, lost their parents in 2016 and 2017 and were left in their grandmother’s care.

However, Moddie Ngwenya is struggling to care for them.

Sisasenkosi lost her sight and needs to go for surgery while Musawenkosi who is now in ECD and her grandmother is struggling to pay her school fees.

In an interview with CITE, Ngwenya said she needs money to take care of her grandchildren as she has no source of income.

“I am appealing for assistance so that Sisasenkosi can go for a check-up which will determine what is wrong with her eyes,” said Ngwenya.

“I wish she can even get a school for the blind because as it is the school in this area is very far, it’s difficult to take her to school and she is even struggling to walk. I am also appealing for financial assistance to pay school fees for Musawenkosi who is doing grade zero,” she said.

Ngwenya also appealed for clothes and blankets for the twins.

Those willing to assist can contact Ngwenya on 0777 427 404 and 0718 338 633 alternatively via a relative’s WhatsApp number +27 719 03536.

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