Govt to rehabilitate Maitengwe Dam

Government is planning to rehabilitate Maitengwe dam in Plumtree in a bid to resuscitate eco-tourism activities in the constituency.

The dam, popularly known as Mabhongane Dam, is situated in Bulilima West and is a water source for people and animals, both domestic and wild.

Speaking to CITE, Bulilima West Member of Parliament Dingumuzi Phuti said the dam is a key economic driver for the constituency.

“We identified a dam called Maitengwe dam which is a said to be the largest earth made dam in Africa followed by one in Egypt.

“The dam is an investment that was constructed around the 1960s when river Thekwane was blocked and some ways created so that there is a diversion of water into that reservoir which is about 11km,” explained Phuti.

He said he recently visited the dam which is now in a sorry state.

“Our recent visit with some engineers from Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZIMWA) was a sorry one. We found cattle grazing in what was once the dam. There is no water and the dam wall has serious breaches, water is leaking,” said Phuti.

“Let us have that dam rehabilitated so that we go back to eco-tourism activities and other activities that used to happen in that area”.

Phuti recently lobbied Parliament to resuscitate Maitengwe Border Post road that leads to Maitengwe Border post in Plumtree as it in a sorry state despite the border being an economic hub for the town.





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