Govt recalls health workers

By Vumani Mthiyane

Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs) stationed in Matabeleland South who were currently on leave have been recalled to work as the province steps up its efforts to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, a senior health official has said.

So far the province has not recorded a confirmed case of the pandemic while three cases have been confirmed in the country (1 from Victoria Falls and 2 from Harare).

Mat South Provincial Medical Director, Dr. Chido Chikodzere said they will soon be embarking on in depth training of their community health workers and EHTs as they strengthen their gear up towards the fight of Coronavirus.

“As a ministry we are fully aware that there might be some loopholes at the border especially Beitbridge. Now that the government has announced the lock down at some border post, our fear is that there will be some cases of border jumpers a sad development that might fuel the spread of Covid 19.

“In order to curb this crisis, we will recall our staff to come and reinforce those who are at work because they also need to rest. Some of the technical staff has been working tirelessly since beginning of this epidemic” said the PMD. 

Asked about what measures have they taken at places like Gwanda passport office which is always overwhelmed by people coming from all over the country and beyond. 

The registry department does not have public toilets and tap water, Dr Chikodzere responded by saying this. 

“I tasked all DMOs to do this in all their institutions and an example was given to use improvised material as we had not yet received materials by end of last week. 

My plea is that all offices be proactive in implementing some of the necessary steps as it is now everyone’s fight. The resources we have received as health so far are to train health workers. The limited sanitisers came destined for the 2 major ports of entry. I requested the other districts to utilise their already limited resources to at least ensure the facilities are covered” said Dr Chikodzere.

Asked about the level of preparedness, the PMD said the ministry is more than prepared despite limited resources.

“Just like any other country, we are more than ready to handle it. The announcement by President Mnangagwa is enough evidence that we are prepared. We are inviting all key stakeholders to be proactive as we fight this pandemic.  The province has not recorded any case of Coronavirus but people have been having flue like symptoms which is not Covid 19,” assured the PMD. 

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