Govt further punishes striking workers

SOME civil servants may not get their annual bonus this year after the government introduced a new method of paying the thirteenth cheque.

Under the new payment structure, only ‘deserving’ workers will receive their bonus after a performance appraisal exercise.¬†

The latest development may see some workers not getting their bonus after embarking on job stay-aways demanding better pay and working conditions.

“The Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued a circular notifying of the changed method of payment of bonuses and other performance related awards in the Civil Service.

“It is advised that with effect from this year,2022, bonus will ONLY be paid based on performance appraisal reports,” a circular from Health and Child Care ministry secretary Jasper Chimedza addressed to heads of departments in the Ministry dated September 29, 2022 reads in part.

Early this year, government docked salaries of striking teachers after they went on strike, and went on to suspend them.

Civil servants are demanding United States dollar salaries citing the skyrocketing cost of living in the country. 

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