Government urges drivers to take precaution on roads

The government has urged drivers to take precaution on the country’s roads during the Christmas and New Year holidays in order to save lives.

It is during these two widely commemorated public holidays that many lives are lost annually on the country’s dilapidated roads.

Addressing Parliament Wednesday afternoon during oral answers to questions without notice session, Minister of Policy Implementation in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Joram Gumbo, said the government expected all drivers to take caution and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Gumbo was responding to a question by Chegutu West legislator, Dexter Nduna, who asked what strategies had the government put in place to reduce road carnage during this festive season.

“My question goes to the Minister of Policy Implementation in the Office of the President and Cabinet Hon. Dr. J.  Gumbo as it relates to government policy on the implementation of strategies and ways of reduction of road carnage during this festive season – aware that we have a lot of lives that are lost annually during such festive season due to road carnage, in particular where the average is five deaths per day and 38 injured due to road carnage,” said Nduna.

“What is the policy of government as it relates to enforcement of government policy on the reduction of road carnage during this festive season?”

 In his response, Gumbo said a number of measures had been put in place to ensure the reduction of road accidents during the festive season.

“What Government expects of all drivers on the road is that we must take caution so that we do not involve ourselves in accidents,” said Gumbo.

“As a result there are police officers who are on the roads and there are also people from Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe who educate people on the roads, telling them to drive and observe road signs and also try to refrain from driving under the influence of liquor 

“So, difficult as it is as a question, I think it is important and what it really means from the questioner what you would want me to say is just to implore our drivers that as we go into this festive season, we should try as much as possible to make sure that we take caution as we drive along the roads so that we avoid any accidents on the roads, as this causes deaths.  I think that is the best that I can do.  I thank you.”

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