Citizens, govt officials continue to defy lockdown regulations

Zimbabweans in general and some government officials continue to defy Covid-19 lockdown regulations at a time when the third wave is raging on with the country’s daily new infections averaging at over 2, 000.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday extended by another two weeks the tightened Level 4 Covid-19 control measures.

Under the Level 4 lockdown measures, businesses operate from 0800 hours and close at 1530 hours with intercity movement prohibited, except for production and distribution of food and medicine.

Commercial transport remains operational to allow the economy to continue to run, but under strict observance of Covid-19 protocols with the industry being directed to decongest workplaces to 40 percent of manning levels.

The curfew hours run from 1830 hours to 0600 hours while the government has said those deported back to Zimbabwe will be subjected to self-quarantine, or be quarantined in identified places.

However, Zimbabweans, the majority of who are self-employed as a result of a ravaged economy continue to defy lockdown measures,  with about 800 people arrested in Bulawayo for various Covid-19 violations over the weekend, with some being found drinking at shebeens and others not wearing face masks.

It is not only citizens that defy lockdown regulations but the government officials, as well as they, continue to convene meetings at a time when all gatherings save for funerals, which restrict attendance to 30, are prohibited.

The Zanu-PF’s politburo, convened a meeting this Wednesday against Covid-19 control measures put in place by the government.

In Masvingo provincial development coordinator (PDC) Jefter Sakupwanya summoned all non-governmental organisations operating in the province for a physical meeting yesterday attended by an estimated 80 people at Great Zimbabwe University.

Some people are reportedly travelling during the night in violation of the ban on intercity travel.

“Whilst vaccination roll-out is key during this two-week lockdown extension and beyond, strengthened enforcement of all lockdown measures is going to play a very critical role. All lockdown measures will therefore be stringently enforced,” said President Mnangagwa while extending the lockdown yesterday.

“As already stated, the country has made a lot of progress in the fight against Covid-19. We, however, need to continue strengthening our implementation and ensure that all prevention measures and lockdown measures are strictly adhered to.”

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