‘Gogo Masuku-Ndiweni an unsung heroine’

The MDC Alliance has hailed the late Chief Khayisa Ndiweni’s widow, Indlovukazi Agnes Masuku Ndiweni, as an unsung heroine who played a crucial role during the formative years of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

The party`s provincial leadership, led by party Vice President Professor Welshman Ncube, recently passed condolences to the Ndiweni family where they emphasised Gogo Masuku’s contribution to the formation of MDC in 1999 and the development of the Ntabazinduna community.

In an interview from the Ndiweni homestead, Prof Ncube said the mother to dethroned Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni, Gogo Masuku who died at 96, is one of many unrecognised and silent heroines from Matabeleland region.

“In terms of history, such people like Gogo Masuku are one of many unsung heroines, I knew her well and personally for a very long time. Even when Chief Khayisa Ndiweni was still alive we used to consult them both,” said Prof Ncube.

He described Gogo Masuku as a fountain of wisdom, who almost at all times had the foresight and progressive vision.

“I remember well sometime in 1999 when we were first forming the MDC, we came here to consult, it was myself, Gibson Sibanda, Fletcher Dulini Ncube, Paul Themba Nyathi and Esaph Mdlongwa.

“We literally spent the whole day here going through the political challenges in our country and getting the advice, particularly in respect of the challenges facing this region,” said Prof Ncube.

He said they benefitted a great deal at that time and were given all the encouragement as well as the political lessons.

“Gogo Masuku told us about the pitfalls that lay ahead and the irony of it at that time is that we were very young and energetic and thought this (struggle against Zanu-PF) was a very short and it will be over very soon.

“I remember uGogo telling us that we should not be too optimistic its going to be a very very long struggle and at that time we actually didn’t understand it. It was years later that we began to understand that she foresaw some of the things we didn’t foresee then,” said Prof Ncube.

He added that: “To pass away at her age is a blessing and we must be celebrating a life well-lived and contributed immensely to the progress of the community here although she is unsung and unheralded.”

Part of the MDC Alliance provincial leadership delegation was comprised of MDC Alliance Emakhandeni-Entumbane legislator Dingilizwe Tshuma, councillors Mlandu Ncube, Sikhululekile Moyo, Shadreck Sibanda and Senators among others including members of the provincial executive were part of the opposition party delegation.

Burial arrangements will be advised in due course, as some of the family members including Chief Ndiweni are abroad and cannot immediately travel due to the Coronavirus outbreak travel restrictions.

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