PPC launches six new cement products

THE country’s largest cement producer, PPC Zimbabwe, has launched six new and improved cement products in a bid to maintain its competitive advantage in the industry.

The new products, termed “The SURERANGE” comprise of Surewall formerly PMC, Surecem formerly Unicem, Suretch formerly OPC, Surebuild and Sure Road.

Speaking at the launch in Bulawayo, Monday, PPC Managing Director Kelebone Masiyane reiterated that the company thrives on innovation and as such offers its customers a consistent high-quality range of superior products which cater for every customer’s need.

“The PPC Sure Range provides the ideal cement to complete any construction project, no matter its style, size or scope. There are challenges facing the construction sector today as cheap, somewhat substandard cement is flooding the local market, mostly through imports. This imported cement, when used in construction projects, results in infrastructure that lacks structural integrity,” said Masiyane.

He said a nation’s infrastructure is a barometer of its economic performance hence as a cement producing company, ensures to supply quality products.

“The mantra “Strength Beyond” is PPC’ guiding light.  PPC believes in the development of African infrastructure and people, and this means the organisation has an important responsibility in Zimbabwe and beyond, to ensure that our infrastructural development is safe, sustainable, and secure.”

Masiyane noted that through identifying current challenges in the construction sector, the company managed to create new and improved products which will enable the company to attain its vision.

One of the new products, SureRoad, Masiyane said will help Zimbabwe build the roads and highways of the future, from Zambezi to Limpopo.

He said it is suitable for use with a wide range of southern African soils and gravels, enhancing their properties which will enable the roads to be stronger and more durable overall.

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