Gifted learner appeals for educational assistance

Seventeen-year-old Yolanda Moyo from New Magwegwe, Bulawayo, is appealing for financial assistance to further her studies and pursue Advanced Level education.

Yolanda excelled in her Ordinary Level examinations, achieving 11 subjects, including an A in Mathematics and a B in Combined Science, demonstrating her academic potential.

However, her educational journey is hindered by her parents’ outstanding fees at Mpandeni High School.

Speaking to CITE, Yolanda said she is unable to continue her studies due to the outstanding debt.

“I am 17 years old and studied at Mpandeni High School for my Ordinary Level. I obtained 11 subjects, but unfortunately, my parents owe the school. The money they used to pay school fees was borrowed from individuals, including family members,” expressed Yolanda.

Her parents currently owe US$640 to her previous school, preventing her from obtaining her results and continuing her education.

“I am unable to collect my results, and therefore, I can’t proceed with my studies. I am stuck, but I did my best. I only saw my results online and am appealing for assistance to continue my education,” she said.

Her mother, Beatrice Moyo, who is currently based in South Africa, explained the financial challenges they faced.

“Yolanda used to stay here in South Africa. Due to the situation, I had to send her to Zimbabwe and enrolled her in a boarding school in Mpandeni. Her father had indicated that he could not afford it, but since we were not staying with Yolanda, I felt it was better for her to be at a boarding school. I was working at the time,” she said.

“For Form One and Two, I managed to pay with the assistance of her father sometimes. Towards the end of Form Two, financial struggles began as I was mainly doing piece jobs and ended up working for just one day. Her father lost his job as well,” said Moyo.

She said when her child was in Form Three, her sister would chip in to assist.

“She could pay half, and there would still be a debt. The following term, I would also pay half and still have a debt. When she was in Form Four, I managed to pay for her first term and examination fee only. My friend, who stays with her now, also chipped in to pay for her second term. For the third term, my sister paid half so she could sit for her exams. The debt accumulated to US$640,” said Moyo.

She explained that around February this year, she couldn’t raise the money for Yolanda to collect her results as she last worked in 2022.

“I begged the school to at least make a copy of her results, but they said it was not allowed. I have to pay so she can get her original results. I was hoping that if I got her original results, I could enrol her in another school, but I haven’t raised enough money for her to collect her results. My child is now stuck, staying with my friend, and not going to school,” said Moyo.

In a desperate plea for assistance, Moyo said her daughter was determined to proceed to Advanced Level.

Concerned about her daughter’s well-being, Moyo fears that Yolanda might lose hope and make regrettable decisions.

“She is crying and feels trapped. Last time, she questioned the purpose of her hard work if she cannot continue her education. I don’t know what is going through her mind right now. I am appealing for assistance by all means so that her dreams may come true,” she said.

Individuals willing to support Yolanda in achieving her educational dreams may contact her mother at +27 78 951 0989 or Yolanda directly at +263 78 105 6055.

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