Fuel prices edge closer to $2 per litre

Motorists in Bulawayo will have to pay close to US$2 for a litre of fuel after the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) increased fuel prices twice in a week.

A litre of petrol now costs $1.67 (ZWL216.78) and diesel is now pegged at $1.68 (ZWL 218.01) up from $1.51.

However, a snap survey conducted by CITE on Wednesday showed that some fuel stations had already increased their prices to $1.90 for both petrol and diesel.

In a statement, the energy regulator said the “prices have been set in accordance with the increasing oil prices on the international market, which the Authority is continuosly monitoring”.

The market turmoil, which has also been linked to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, is likely to push the prices of basic commodities up.

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