Former Mkwabene High School students donate sports kits to school

By Promise Dube

Friends of Mkwabene (FOM), an organisation founded by former students of Mkwabene High School, has donated sports kits to the school.

FOM spokesperson Langelihle Mathonsi Moyo told CITE that the organisation was formed in response to the school’s dire situation.

“FOM was formed by former students who noticed that the school was not in a good state due to economic hardships,” Moyo said. “We decided to chip in with the little that we have.”

Moyo said that there are currently 120 dedicated members of FOM, all of whom are from the Insiza area. He said that the organisation pays school fees for children who are unable to afford them, and also provides them with stationery and other school supplies.

“We are in a deep rural area in Insiza, so we decided to motivate those disadvantaged kids with school fees, stationery, and we also help those who have done well in their O-level exams to go to A-level,” Moyo said.

In addition to providing financial assistance, FOM has also donated stationary, 35 chairs for the school’s Brethren In Christ Church, and prizes for students who excel in their studies.

Moyo said that FOM members are based in Europe, South Africa, and Asia, and that the organization is always looking for new members.

“We are inviting other people to join us,” he said. “Our members are based in Asia, South Africa, America, and we are recruiting members who are coming in numbers to assist in doing big things in the future.”

Moyo said that FOM has a structured organisation with a bank account. He added that the organisation plans to soon have branded T-shirts, caps, and tracksuits.

Mkwabene Deputy Headmaster Hebert Bhebhe said that the school is very grateful for the support.

“As a school, we are very happy with what FOM is doing,” Bhebhe said. “They have assisted us a lot in terms of our development programs and in motivating our kids. Almost every year, we receive some donations from them. They have also supported us in terms of internet connectivity, donating funds for us to subscribe every month.”

Bhebhe said that he has given FOM a list of programs that the school is planning to implement in the future, and that FOM has promised to assist with these programs.

“We are very excited about this,” Bhebhe said. “They have also promised to give us prizes at the end of the year or early next year.”

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