First phase of Old Gwanda Road rehab project progressing well

Feasibility studies of the multi-million-dollar Old Gwanda Road rehabilitation project are progressing well with the construction phase expected to start as soon as they get the green light from the government.

A local company has pledged to rehabilitate Old Gwanda Road, stretching from Bagcwele to Gwanda, a project set to cost about US$150 million. 

The road project is expected to immensely benefit people from Matabeleland South province through employment creation and business opportunities.

The project is being spearheaded by Engineer Bekithemba Mbambo, Chief Executive Officer of Zwane Enterprise.

Giving an update on the project, Eng Mambo said the first of the project is carrying out the feasibility study, which they have been working on for the past three weeks and are making commendable progress. 

He said the second phase will be the actual construction work which they intend to start on as soon as possible. 

A feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed project plan which is done by analysing technical, economic, legal, operational and time feasibility factors. 

“The Feasibility Study is progressing well. We are starting week 3 of 4. We have done over 43km pegging. Most of EIA is done. Soil testing done as below and we will do traffic count as prescribed by the Ministry of Transport this week. Road design is progressing in tandem with the above processes. Together with the Feasibility Study document we shall present the draft Concession Agreements which form the basis of the DBOOT contract with Government. We hope that last stage will not take forever to be approved.  That is the final stage before the yellow equipment rolls on the road,” Engineer Mbambo said. 

“Our team is nearing completion of the EIA Feasibility study report according to the presented terms of reference. Once the first draft is ready a meeting will be set for presentation of the work, and upon completion of road design, quarry sites sitting and Engineers inputs, all gaps that require such information will be filled in and justice would have been done to the EIA Feasibility Report.”  

Most of the country’s roads are in a poor state due to years of neglect and if this project is completed, it will be a relief for motorists and businesses which use the road to transport their goods.

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