Family needs assistance after fire destroys home

A family in Igusu, village 8B, Matabeleland North is appealing for assistance after their thatched homestead was razed down by a fire on Sunday afternoon.

Regina Bzviti, said she was not home when the fire started. “I went to water the garden with my husband and the eldest son. We left two children (girls) playing outside. They are aged six years and four years, but the huts were locked, so I am shocked how the first hut caught fire and ignited others in the process,” she said.

Bzviti said she was told by witnesses that they only saw smoke but couldn’t tell which house it was coming from.

“We lost everything, all houses caught fire and we couldn’t save anything, we are just left with what we were wearing. We lost blankets, utensils, clothes and I was keeping 57 broilers; they all died in the fire,” she said.

Bzviti’s neighbour, Precious Mlalazi, confirmed the incident and said her neighbour was left with nothing.

“They lost everything; they currently don’t even have food. Even children’s uniforms were burnt to ashes,” said Mlalazi.

Those willing to assist can contact the neighbor Precious Mlalazi 0788 404 021 or Dameki Dube 0776 854 099.

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