Family appeals for assistance after house razed by fire

A family in Nketa 8 suburb, Bulawayo, is appealing for assistance after their house was razed down by fire due to a suspected electrical fault.  

The incident occurred around 10 AM on Tuesday.  

All the property was destroyed leaving, the mother and her two children, aged 20 and 25, stranded with no food, blankets, or clothes.  

The owner of the property, Apostle Precious Takaedza, is the founder of Devine Touch Ministries,  

“We lost everything. We have nothing left. My children’s documents, my documents, all went up in flames. We have no clothes, no food, we are just left with nothing. We are appealing to well-wishers to assist us in any way possible. I am in shock, I don’t even know where to start,” she said. 

Those who wish to assist them can contact her son Liberty on 0713510067 or 0784331358 

An eyewitness, Clayton Machokoto, who spoke to CITE said they arrived early at the scene but could not do much to help the situation.  

“I was called by my son who was playing outside. He told me our neighbor’s house was burning and she was outside the gate crying. I rushed out and came to assist. When I arrived, there were some sparks from the electricity pole and the fire had already started in the house. It was still in the bedroom at the far end,” Machokoto said. 

“But because of the paint and ceiling, it quickly spread to the other parts of the house. We tried to get in to check if there were things we could save but the smoke was too much. The son then told us that they had managed to remove a gas tank and a two-plate gas stove. The fire spread to the other bedroom, to the kitchen before engulfing the rest of the house.” 

Machokoto said they called the fire brigade and the police, and the fire brigade arrived about thirty minutes later. 

“Had the fire brigade arrived early the situation could have been helped. We were just standing helplessly as the fire raged on. What made the situation worse is that this was a windy morning. It is quite sad to see a neighbour losing property in such a manner. We hope people will pitch in and help them,” he said. 

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  1. Please Women,Stop saying it’s your House to the world, the owners leave in the UK.You only worried about your property,Food and ID’s how about people who let you rent n left the House in your care, can you even imagine how they’re feeling right now? Firstly you should be asking the Community to help you RE-BUILD the House.You’re a pastor your Church/Family won’t let u sleep hungry I’m sure today you ate a Buffet and slept at one of your Church members or family.Please Pastor sort out the Yard.

    1. Ahhh the person has lost everything in her name and you are crying that it os not her house? She was renting meaning she had no house to begin with now she is at completly zero. Be more understanding

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