Engage community groups for pothole patching, council urged

The Engineering Committee of the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has been urged to engage community groups as soon as possible in order for them to start patching potholes to improve the condition of roads throughout the city. 

Speaking at a Full Council Meeting on Wednesday, Ward 26 Councillor Mpumelelo Moyo said the engineering committee needs to engage community groups immediately so that they can start work on the roads. 

“Your Worship my concern is on pothole patching. Community groups need to be engaged and start working on the roads immediately because they are not in a good state. I am of the view that the engineering committee reaches out to the finance committee and have necessary funds disbursed already so that the work can start right away,” Cllr Moyo said. 

Engineering Committee Chairperson Cllr Rodney Jele seconded the suggestion by Cllr Moyo adding that the only setback was the mobilisation of resources. 

Clrr Jele said the committee wants to get all resources in place first before engaging community groups so that when they start working there will be no hold ups. 

“The Cllr’s suggestion is very valid Your Worship but we want to engage the community groups when all the material is ready. We do not want a repeat of what has been happening over the years that when they start working they face setbacks because of shortage of material. We don’t want them to be taking breaks because of shortage of material, we want them to start the job and finish it at one go,” Cllr Jele said. 

According to the latest council minutes, Cllr Pilate Moyo had raised concern over the state of the roads in the city.  

“The state of the road network in the city had deteriorated. This was affecting the motoring public. He requested Council to provide decomposed gravel to fill up potholes. Councillor Febby Msipa concurred. The road leading to Luveve cemetery was now very bad. Urgent repairs needed to be done. She was impressed by the work done along Luveve road in Matshobana. The damaged section of the road was in final stages of completion,” the minutes read. 

They (minutes) further read that community groups also needed to be engaged to work on the storm drains. 

“Cllr Sinikiwe Mutanda concurred that community groups should clear storm drains before the onset of the rainy season. Councillors should encourage residents to comply with building by-laws and open weeping holes on their durawalls,” they read. 

“Cllr Tinashe Ruzive’s view was that storm drains were also contributing to the damaging of roads. Community groups could be used to clear all blocked storm draining. Alderman Siboniso Khumalo in response highlighted that storm drain clearing was done from time to time before the onset of the rainy season. Community groups had requested a review of their wages. The road leading to Luveve cemetery would be looked into.”

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