Residents fret over stalled development project

Ward 13 residents in Bulawayo have expressed concern at the delays in launching the brick moulding project that was meant start early this year.

Ward 13 residents in Bulawayo have expressed concern at the delays in launching the brick moulding project that was meant to start early this year.

In February this year ward 13 councilor Frank Javangwe told CITE that his ward had been allocated RTGS$102 000 from the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) under the ward retention fund project.

According to Cllr Javangwe the project is meant to empower unemployed youths in the ward and was set to start soon as the council identified a suitable site for the project.

Part of the funds were used to purchase a brick moulding machine.

However, residents have raised concern that there has not been any development.

“As residents we are worried over the delays, and we want to find out and understand from the councilor what is stalling the whole project,” Vesta Tshuma, a resident in Mabuthweni.

“If they have any problems the councilor has to communicate with us, everyone is keen on seeing that project take off.”

Another resident said that the project is already behind schedule.

“Since introduction of the retention fund we have not seen anything tangible done in our ward,” said Conductor Masuku.

“We have so many things affecting us in this area, we share toilets and our houses are crowded. These bricks could have gone a long way in solving these problems.”

“This project was meant to reduce costs for local residents but it is not the case anymore because we are now forced to buy bricks from other areas.”

The residents accused the councilors of failing to apply themselves fully to their duties.

“There is lack of seriousness in this ward because this brick moulding machine was availed to us in January but since then nothing has materialized,” said Aggripa Mguni.

“This is our money being wasted, I agree with Masuku the retention fund should have been used to build toilets for residents because we cannot be waiting this long for a non – promising project”

In response to the residents’ concerns Cllr Javangwe said that the project stalled due to funding constraints.

“Yes, the project has not begun yet. It should have started earlier if it wasn’t for the supplementary budget which came after realization that the previous budget was not enough,” said Javangwe.

“The economic crisis in the country has affected many community projects and that is why we have to wait for the supplementary budget so that we can be able to purchase all the materials required for the project.

“I want to assure my ward that the brick moulding project was stopped due to funding challenges but plans are still underway to ensure that the project is implemented as planned.”

Javangwe said that the project will kick start as soon as the funds are released.

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