Empandeni pupils stage demo against sexual abuse

Pupils at Empandeni Girls High School in Mangwe District reportedly staged a demonstration, Tuesday, against alleged sexual abuse at the boarding school after a male teacher allegedly abused a form one pupil.

Mr Thandanani Moyo, who is a teacher at the Roman Catholic run school allegedly fondled the pupil last month during evening studies. 

The pupils had banners written, “No to sexual abuse”, “Mr T Moyo must fall and “Mr T Moyo must be jailed.”

The matter came to light after an audio recording of the victim – who cannot be named due to ethical reasons – narrating her ordeal to her friends leaked.

In the recording, the victim recounts the alleged abuse at the hands of the teacher.

“It started last term when he used to stare at me during lessons. It was noticeable because most of my classmates started asking me what was going on.

“On the week of closing schools, he gave me an unlabelled novel, and he later summoned me to his office under the pretext of wanting to label the book. He then grabbed my waist and told me he loved me despite that he is married. I turned down his request.

“During school holidays, l told one of my sisters but they ignored the issue.”

She said after schools opened for the second term, Moyo used to scribble love notes in her exercise books. 

Moyo is alleged to have started calling the girl to his office during evening studies.

“On Monday 27 May, he called me to his office and proposed love again, but l turned him down. On Tuesday, he called me to the Beit Hall. It was dark inside. His office was closed. 

“When we got inside, he told me how much he missed me and how he had longed to see my face and hear my voice.

“He then requested l kiss him but l refused. He then threatened he would force himself onto me so he grabbed my hands and thighs. He lifted up my tunic and when he was about to remove my undergarments, the siren rang. He released me and told me he would see me the next day”.

The pupil said she went to class crying and narrated the ordeal to her friend.

The following day, Moyo again called her into his office and tried touching her. 

“I told him l would report him to the police for touching me”.

She said she reported the matter to the school Sister who kept quiet for two weeks.

Another school teacher came to know of the matter when she intercepted a note inside her Agriculture note book from the pupil`s friend enquiring on the progress of the issue.

The Agriculture teacher took the note and showed it to other teachers.

Contacted for comment, Moyo denied the allegations saying he is yet to write an official report clearing his name.

Matabeleland Provincial Education Director Lifias Masukume said he was still waiting for the full report from the District Schools Inspector.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele referred all questions to the PED.

Last year, a school teacher at Fatima High School in Lupane was arrested and charged for indecently assaulting and raping four deaf and blind pupils during an auditory training session.

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  1. I strongly believe there is more to this issue than case of abuse, I have my daughter at this school doing form 2, and to be honest there are many form 5 or 7 students that would be more attractive than a form 1 student. Let the law take its course.. But the truth will come out.
    It’s either something got into Moyo or someone is trying to stop him.
    Even the way events are described by the form one student… I wonder if she writes her English compositions with such craftness.. and able to fully express herself like that.. In her compositions.. Something is fishy there.. Please investigate more…

  2. There is something fishy with this story.Why did it take a month for the matter to be reported?Why is the story coming out now?How are the relations of this teacher with other teachers?Are they in good books or they are trying to underpin him.Who organised the demos after a month?Justice must prevail but not at the expense of the truth.

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