EFF Zim to contest 2023 elections

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Zimbabwe political party has announced that it will contest the 2023 national elections while its election manifesto anchored on land expropriation without compensation, free quality education and infrastructure investment, will be released very soon.

The party, which claims to be founded on Marxism and Leninism, has stated that it prioritises the development of productive forces in order to grow all components of the economy.

EFF Zimbabwe party leader, Innocent Ndibali said, Zimbabwe must be at the forefront of championing development that economically empowers its people, harness digital technology to connect communities and leverage development finance and natural resources to move the country forward.

“Our manifesto will be out soon. It will be anchored on seven non-negotiable cardinal pillars. One of them will be the expropriation of land without compensation, free quality education, investment into infrastructure and education,” he said while addressing journalists in Bulawayo.

“We have also said that as a country, we must have 24-hour clinics, not all but a certain number of clinics for example, in Nkulumane, Nketa, Mufakose and Dzivarasekwa. Why are clinics closed? Those clinics must be accessible to elderly people. Let us have clinics in towns. You will see all these kinds of things in our manifesto.”

Ndibali claimed once in office, EFF Zimbabwe candidates would work tirelessly to resolve local troubling issues in order to put young people on a path of self-sufficiency and economic freedom.

“We are not called economic freedom fighters for nothing. We want our young people to have their hands on the levers of economic development,” he said.

“We, therefore, want to do away with the politics of hatred and division. We want to destroy evil tribalism. We know that those who benefit out of this want things to remain unchanged. We know they are the ones who sponsor the politics of division and are quick to label others as sell-outs when people rightfully support any progressive policy that comes from present-day government.”

The EFF leader said the party was not afraid of collaborating with the present-day government on “any good policy” that would benefit young people.

“If they enact a policy that benefits our youths and brings relief to our mothers and fathers, we will be the first ones to support those policies. That goes for any government on any day, no matter who is in charge. Our goals are clear, we are not in this for power, we are in this for our young people. We are in this for the nation,” Ndibali claimed.

As he concluded, Ndibali noted that EFF Zimbabwe is a patriotic national party with an interest of all Zimbabweans of whatever political party affiliation at heart.

“A Zimbabwean comes first before politics in our values. It does matter if a person supports other opposition parties or the ruling party, democracy is about having a diversity of opinions and ideas. So, in this light we are clear that EFF Zimbabwe upholds and respects the offices of the state,” he said.

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