EFF Zim criticises opposition for running down cities

The opposition-led councils have come under fire from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Zimbabwe political party for their failure to provide services and ultimately running down cities across the country.

EFF Zimbabwe leader, Innocent Ndibali, used the City of Bulawayo as an illustration, declaring that the wanton destruction of services in metropolitan areas under the control of the opposition MDC and its forerunners over the previous 23 years was “very” disturbing.

“When Bulawayo was in the hands of our illustrious fathers the likes of Nick Mabodoko, obaba Edward oSimela it was a city whose service delivery was the envy of many a city in Southern Africa. Our streets were clean, our public toilets were functioning and clean, citizens were disciplined and would not trade from every corner like we see now,” he said while addressing a press conference in Bulawayo.

“Then came the chancers from the MDC-T, MDC, MDC Alliance and CCC who destroyed the very soul of Bulawayo. We say therefore as we go to this most important election, let’s get rid of all the people who have literally destroyed our city. This is not a case of Bulawayo alone, but all the cities Mutare and Harare, all others across the country where MDC has been in control.”

Ndibali mocked the opposition’s emergence as the MDC-T, MDC Alliance, MDC, and then CCC, calling each of these formations “useless.”

“All these guys have been here for 20 years, the likes of Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa, Job Sikhala, Welshman Ncube they are failures, I am not afraid to call spade a space,” he said.

“I know people are very much afraid to call a spade a spade MDC, CCC whoever they are they have failed in the last 20 years. Let’s vote for accountability, jobs, land and progress. The EFF is ready to take up the challenge and radically guide the rebirth of cities.”

The EFF Zimbabwe leader dismissed opposition claims that local governments had no power because the central government was in charge of procedures.

“This is false, an illusion sold to you journalists. Have you ever seen any MP coming to campaign saying, ‘vote for us but we don’t have power.’ Have they told you why they are asking people to vote for them if they were not going to be meaningful in these local authorities and in Parliament,” Ndibali questioned.

July Moyo, Minister of Local Government and Public Works said Ndibali was a ‘human being’ who would not stifle progress in cities and towns.

“The leader of the ministry they are talking about is a human being, not an alien. I am very much aware of how the State is structured to always make sure there is service delivery to people regardless of the minister. The minister is not for Zanu but a minister of the State of Zimbabwe,” Ndibali said.

“Why don’t we see the opposition walking away, saying, ‘the minister of the State is refusing to do this’ but they continue receiving whatever money and some have not uttered a word in Parliament.”

Ndibali suggested that the opposition learn from South Africa’s influential EFF.

“Does EFF have a ministry? No! Do they have ideology and values? Yes, they do but you are busy electing people with no ideologies, values or principles. They have no principles. It is a lie (that they don’t have power), they are lazy, useless and have failed in the last 20 years,” alleged the EFF Zimbabwe leader.

“Some opposition parties have modelled themselves as the owners of the opposition space, as an alternative government, they call themselves the people’s president and the people’s party.”

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