Edgars employees ‘rent clothes’ in protest against relocation

Employees at Edgars Stores Limited, a listed clothing retailer and manufacturer, are upset with the management for what they say is unfair treatment of those who are being transferred from Bulawayo to Harare, where the company headquarters are now based.

In June this year, the retail giant announced its decision to relocate its management offices from Bulawayo to the capital citing that there were more retail outlets in Harare.

Employees who spoke on condition of anonymity as they fear victimisation said they were not consulted when management decided to transfer them and that the company was reneging on its agreement to pay for rented accommodation for those transferred from Bulawayo to Harare.

“In the first instance, they never consulted anyone. We were informed that our standards of living will not change when we move to Harare,” said one employee.

“The employer had agreed to secure accommodation for us and in instances where we found accommodation which above our budget they had agreed to pay the difference. Now they have shifted goalposts.”

The employees said the stance has since changed and the affected employees now have to secure their accommodation and have been given five days to move to Harare. 

“At the moment, some have been given days off to go to Harare to look for accommodation. They tell you today that tomorrow you are going to Harare. They don’t even care where you will be staying, it’s harrowing.” 

The employees also claimed that those resisting relocating to Harare were being victimized.

They called on the government, Ministry of Labour, Bulawayo mayor David Coltart, and civic society organisations to help them as they have failed to deal with the matter. 

Edgars CEO, Tjeludo Ndlovu has not responded to enquiries sent to her a week ago despite her assistant confirming having received the email.

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