Economy: Musicians struggle to survive

Multi-award winning Bulawayo based musician Joshua Khulekani Bethule popularly known as Khuxxman says the current economic crisis being experienced in the country has affected the music industry, with most artists struggling to sustain their careers.

Speaking to CITE, Khuxxman said the unstable economy is making it hard for artists to produce music. 

“The economy is bad and everything is just hard, we are finding it difficult to record our music due to the unavailability of electricity and even other alternative power sources are beyond the reach of many musicians,” said Khuxxman.

Khuxxman added that people a lot of people are in distress with everything happening in the country and this affects how they receive music.

“People are not happy at all and they are more concerned about bread and butter issues which means they have no time to listen to our music,” he said.

Khuxxman is back on the music scene with two collaborations featuring Star force gang a South African based music group and Madlela Sikhobokhobo.

“I have a track with Star force gang called ‘Mzwazwa’ which is a mixture of traditional and modern vibes and another one with Madlela called ‘Uzongkhomba’,” said Khuxxman.

He also noted that the fusion of the old sound and the new sound is very interesting for him as he feels it will unite music fans of different generations.

“Music is not a competition and as the old we do not feel like the young boys are here to remove us from the game, we should collaborate with them and produce mixes that bring the old and new together and make something beautiful,” said Khuxxman.

The two songs are likely to be on high rotation during the Christmas holiday season.

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