DPA restores power in Ndolwane

By Tjimumoyo Ncube 

Distributed Power Zimbabwe (DPA) through its subsidiary Ugesi Energy has restored power supplies to the Ndolwane community in Bulilima district following a technical fault on the solar power grid.

The technical fault affected commercial activities which were now reliant on the solar power grid.

DPA has set a target of 30 mini solar power grids countrywide including one in Ndolwane meant to help and empower rural Zimbabweans.

The Ndolwane Project covers the business centre, the Ndolwane clinic and neighbouring farmers, with plans to expand to cover a 10-kilometre radius.

In an interview DPA spokesman, Fungai Mandiveyi said “The Ndolwane mini-grid was deployed at Ndolwane in Bulilima district, Matabeleland South Province, under the “Ugesi Energy Mini-grids” program. DPA deployed the rural solar power project as part of 30 mini-grids Ugesi is working on to help transform and empower rural Zimbabweans.”

He said the solar mini grid project at Ndolwane has, since inception, already had a positive social and economic impact in the community through the provision of electricity to drive economic activity. 

“However, due to a technical fault on the main generation plant, the mini-grid is currently not distributing power to most of the community members,”  he said.

“Ugesi engineers are presently working to restore power to the community.”

He said the solar plant was attended and is now up and running again.

“Ugesi Energy regrets the inconvenience caused to the Ndolwane community by the down time.”

The Ugesi Energy Mini-grids concept was created to improve livelihoods in rural communities through the provision of solar power as a key driver for sustainable social and economic activity. 

In an effort to accelerate community transformation, Ugesi initiated chicken projects in the communities it deployed the mini grids. It continues to work with local partners to support productivity and empower rural communities. 

The business is in the process of rolling out more mini grids across the country. 

However, there had been an outcry by the Ndolwane community after the company has failed to supply electric tokens to consumers in the area, a situation that has affected businesses and farmers which had switched to the use of the power project.

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