Don’t get vaccinated when you are sick: Dr Sibanda

Director for Bulawayo City Health Services Dr Edwin Sibanda has advised members of the public to ensure that they have not contracted Covid-19 before getting the vaccine.  

Dr Sibanda made these remarks on “Surviving Covid-19 “, an Asakhe online show, where he was giving a general update on the vaccination program being undertaken in the city.

He said getting vaccinated when you are not feeling well makes it difficult to tell whether the vaccine is responsible for the health condition or not.

Dr Edwin Sibanda

He explained that in the case where someone gets sick after getting vaccinated, health experts write a report explaining what would have caused the reaction.

He said this is the protocol with all vaccination programs done in the country.

Dr Edwin Sibanda

Dr Sibanda further advised that those who would have contracted the virus should wait for 30 days after recovery before getting the vaccine.

Dr Edwin Sibanda

Dr Sibanda noted that the response from the people for the vaccine has improved as more people are now turning up for the dose.

He said health workers are now overwhelmed with work as they get up to at least 500 people needing the vaccine per day.

Dr Edwin Sibanda

According to the latest Ministry of Health and Child Care Covid-19 report, 2 312 417 people have received their first dose while 1 460 162 have been fully vaccinated.

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