Did it really snow in Esigodini?

Source: A picture went viral on social media claiming Kensington area, just outside of Bulawayo experienced snow on the 5th of June.

pic credit: online

Verdict: False

Meteorological Service Department Deputy Director Weather Forecasting, Linia Gopo dismissed the claims saying it was likely to be a hailstorm.

“It’s likely that it’s a hailstorm not snow because we had a system that could have caused thunderstorms in some places but because of the conditions that we are currently experiencing, low temperatures, it will be very difficult to predict it as thunderstorms, so we just gone for some rain but it’s highly likely it’s a hailstorm,”

Meteorological Service Department Deputy Director Weather Forecasting, Linia Gopo.

Gopo added that the temperatures were too high to experience snow.

“Our stations reported thunder in and around that area, so I am more than convinced it’s hail in that area, but now because we don’t know exactly what time it occurred people could have taken pictures when it was about to melt , then it looks like snow,” she said

Background: Zimbabwe is currently in its winter season.

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