“Defrauding vendors led to our loss” – Zanu PF members in Byo

The Bulawayo Chapter of Vendors for ED has written a letter to Zanu PF Bulawayo Provincial Chairman Jabulani Sibanda, complaining about the behaviour and conduct of a fellow member whom they claim may be responsible for the ruling party’s loss in the city.

The Zanu PF members said the Nehanda District Chairperson, Josiah Mutangi’s shaddy dealing with the vendors might have angered them against the ruling party.

Vendors for ED Bulawayo Chairman Sawu Jere, accused Mutangi of scamming vendors operating along the Fifth Avenue market, lying to them about government visits and disrespecting senior Zanu PF members.

“I bring to your attention the behaviour of Cde Mutangi and others who have tarnished the party image of (Zanu PF) and also contributed to the downfall of Zanu PF in Bulawayo Central Constituency during the just ended harmonised elections,” said Jere in a letter, dated September 27, 2023.

The letter was also copied to the Vendors for ED National Chairman, the Zanu PF Information Department in Harare, the Zanu PF Commissariat Department in Bulawayo, the Zanu PF DCC Bulawayo Province, P10 Magnet House, and Tendai Charuka, patron of Vendors for ED Bulawayo.

Jere claimed Mutangi and other district members acted inappropriately before and during the election, accusing him of walking away from the Amphitheater while all the candidates were gathered in front of Zanu PF Politburo Members and DCC Members, demonstrating insubordination to his superiors. 

“(Mutangi) lied to vendors that they pay him US$15 to US$30 for loans and the vendors’’ monies were taken abusing the name of the party, Zanu PF. Not only that, Cde Mutangi lied about the Chimoio trip, (as) vendors were charged US$3,” Jere said.

“A trip which was organised by Cross Border Association and was not yet fully implemented and the said Mutangi conned our vendors, resultantly some of them ending up having a negative mind.”

The provincial vendors for ED chairman added that Mutangi and his crew had also tricked vendors out of US$2 and US$3 by claiming government officials would be paying a special visit along 5th Avenue. 

“(Mutangi) is using Gedes Building corner George Silundika and 6th Avenue Office 7 to bait vendors,” Jere said.

“Recently one of our vendors NaGugu passed on and monies were collected US$1 per vendor, the same crew from Nehanda District blew all the monies and nothing went to the bereaved family. As witnessed by Gogo kaGugu, Mother to the late, her phone number 077X XXX XXX, no document was signed as per the norm from the bereaved family.” 

Jere said Mutangi went on to castigate Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ)  and all affiliations. 

“He did a crocodile tear postmortem on his Nehanda group while he is the causation factor for most vendors failing to vote by his untrustworthy corrupt behavior along 5th avenue and vendors around the city centre.” said the provincial vendors chairperson.

“You can’t mobilise with dirty hands and expect one to cast a vote after duping the same person.”

Jere claimed the Vendors for ED Bulawayo chapter has evidence pertaining to their claims about Mutangi.

“We have documentary evidence supporting the said allegations as witnessed during a meeting which was held at Honourable Charuka’s office where Comrade Nsingo has handed over part of the evidence. Cde Charuka had a thankful rally at Evelin Grounds where Mutangi’s crew involving Toko and Nga tried to disturb the event in full view of other comrades who attended the rally,” he said.

“I wait patiently for your response.”

In an interview with CITE, Jere confirmed that investigations into Mutangi’s conduct had started.

“There must be action taken against that particular comrade. There are investigations which are being carried out on that particular person. But in the meantime, for me to disclose that name of the person I will do so by next week Wednesday but for the meantime this is what we are doing, and we are not going to leave that person without any disciplinary hearing,” he said.

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