Covid-19: Matopo High lifts quarantine restrictions

Matopo High school in Matabeleland South Province has lifted its quarantine status after 19 Covid-19 positive cases recorded at the school have reportedly recovered.

The school went on lockdown after recording 10 cases on November 9.

Nine more cases were later recorded at the school.

Speaking to CITE, the School Development Committee (SDC) Chairman Hillary Tshuma said they have managed to contain the virus.  

“The situation is now okay, those that tested positive have been tested again and they have been found to be negative, the school is now running as normal,” said Tshuma.

“Ordinary Level examinations are being written; we are happy we never have any fatalities so we are back to normal at Matopo High school as before”.

Matopo High School headmaster, Gardson Sibanda said the two groups who were in isolation have completed their mandatory 14 days quarantine.

“So far so good, our two groups of learners who were in isolation have completed their 14 days of which it looks like they have recovered from the pandemic,” said Sibanda.

“The situation has gone back to normal, teaching and learning is now back to normal. Exams are also progressing well,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, Matabeleland South Provincial Medical Director (PMD), Dr Rudo Chikodzore said she was waiting for an update from the school.

“I am still to get the update on whether the cases that were there have been discharged or not, but as far as I know we have not received any additional cases, additional ones maybe results that came out of contacts that were tested,” said Dr Chikodzore.

Meanwhile, the SDC Chairman said the school recently received donations from different companies of hand sanitizers.

“Last Friday we received donations that were sourced by our SDC Members, from Paradise Chemicals we received 10 litres of hand sanitizers, 10 litres of Hydrogen peroxide, 5 litres of sunlight liquid,” said Tshuma.

“Then we also got from Dynabal Solutions 10L of hand sanitizer, 10 L of hydrogen peroxide, 5L of sunlight liquid. From Lathe and Patricks, we got 10L of hand sanitizers, 10 L of hydrogen peroxide, 5Lof sunlight. From Auto cars and trucks, we got 10L of hand sanitizer. We also got 10L of hand sanitizer from Forklift services. Amartec gave us 25L of hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer pedestal stand. All these materials have already been delivered to the school,” he said.

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