Councillor Mguni urges for young leadership

Tanaka Mrewa

Ward 23 councilor and aspiring mayor for the city of Bulawayo Solomon Mguni says there is vast need for young leaders in Bulawayo.

Cllr Mguni told CITE in an interview how young, vibrant, zealous and energetic people have the capacity to bring in new investors.

He said MDC Alliance is running a campaign #generationalconsensus to enable young people partake in decision making.

“Our city needs to be revamped. We’re grateful of all the work that has been done by our predecessors. However it is now time for young vibrant leaders to lure new investors into the city. I’m the youngest candidate running for mayoral position.

“Most of our buildings are now old, we need to revamp our infrastructure as well as our transport systems. We need a robust marketing team to lure investors to Bulawayo and bring the city’s glory back,” he said.

Cllr Mguni said administration and politics are closely linked to the law and those with the capacity to handle such must not take a back seat.

“I’m a lawyer by profession. One thing people need to understand is administration and politics are closely linked to the law. The moment you start noticing various shortcomings from the running authorities is when you realise there are various things you can do differently.

There are times when you notice that some corruption allegations made can never see the light of day in a court of law. Not taking a stand is a de-service to thyself, you would also be shortchanging people who could have benefited from your knowledge,” he said.

Cllr Mguni said once one is voted in as councillor, it becomes his/her duty to reach out to the people and be known.

“Our political structures are such that a person is well known within the circles of their party as well as to their neighbors. It is after one is voted in as councillor that they need to break out of that shell and appeal to the greater community, taking care of the people’s needs and concerns,” he said.


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