Council urges residents to utilise online payments platforms

Bulawayo Councillors are pushing for residents to utilise online paying platforms to settle their bills in a bid to decongest the council revenue halls.

According to the latest council minutes, the suggestion was made by Bulawayo Deputy Mayor and Ward 1 Councillor Mlandu Ncube as the city fathers deliberated on ways to decongest revenue halls around the city.

Cllr Ncube proposed that only residents paying their rates in foreign currency should go to the revenue halls whilst those paying in local currency make use of online payment platforms.

“Deputy Mayor Cllr Mlandu Ncube was of the view that Revenue Hall operating times should be reviewed and only residents paying foreign currency be allowed at the Revenue Hall. Residents paying in local currency should utilise online payment platforms,” read the minutes.

“He explained that there were only 10% of the elderly residents who could not utilise online payments platforms. He said a report had been made with regards to people who were collecting foreign currency from the residents at black market rate and then paid to Council in local currency. Council should protect residents who wanted to pay using foreign currency.”

Ward 17 Councillor Sikhululekile Moyo applauded residents for paying their bills and raised concern that the residents queued for a long time.

“Cllr Moyo was worried about residents who queued for a long time at Housing Offices. Most Housing offices did not have adequate staff. This was negatively affecting very old residents who had challenges in marking online payments,” the minutes read.

“Councillor Mzamo Dube concurred and noted that council staff at revenue/ housing offices should be increased. Councillor Silas Chigora said Revenue Hall was always crowded because most low-density areas had no Housing Office. He was also concerned about 202 utility bill payments done online which had not been credited into respective accounts.”

The Mayor Councillor Solomon Mguni also noted that he had observed that most residents preferred making payments at the Revenue Hall so he urged councillors to encourage residents to use online payment platforms.

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