Cost of education skyrockets, parents struggling to cope

Parents in Bulawayo have lamented the economic situation in the country which has seen them struggle to finance their children`s education.

Schools opened for the first term of the year on Tuesday, with most parents and guardians raising concern of the exorbitant school fees and stationery.

Some parents who spoke to CITE said they also have to pay for daily transport costs for their commuting children.

Recently commuter omnibus operators raised fares from 75 cents to one dollar for a single trip.

This comes at a time when most employers have not adjusted salaries to cushion their employees against the price hikes.

Government has also refused to pay its employees in the stable United States currency with teachers and doctors in the forefront in petitioning government to improve their working conditions.

Erica Mpofu, whose child enrolled for form One at Milton High School in Bulawayo, said she struggled to cover all the expenses.

“My husband is a mechanic and the money he earns is not enough to cover our three son’s school expenses and other things apart from school,” said Mpofu.

“My son’s uniform costs were at $256 and the unfortunate thing is that my other two sons need new books, shoes and socks. The short costs $30, shirt $40, school blazer $140, socks $5 bond, school shoes $40”.

Mpofu also has to purchase stationery and also pay for her sons` transport to school.

Meanwhile, another parent Siduduzile Dube added that her children went back to school without all the things required in school.

“My daughter went to school without the bulk of the required stationery and school fees has not been paid in full,” she lamented.


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