Lecturer invents water loss reduction gadget

By Lungile Ngwenya and Franklin Sibindi

A Mutare Polytechnic College electrical engineering lecturer has invented a water loss detection system that can help to local municipalities across the country to identify water pipe bursts on time.

Speaking to CITE, at the polytechnic`s stand at the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade fair (ZITF), Uprise Tagwireyi said the system will also prevent the flow of contaminated water back again into the water pipes and prevent an outbreak of water-borne diseases.

He said the water reduction system will monitor the pipelines from the water source to the reservoirs to ensure there are no leakages.

The electrical engineering lecturer said the system makes use of pressure and flow to dictate if there are leakages on the water pipes.

Mutare Polytechnic college public relations officer, Charity Mambondiyani said she hopes this year’s ZITF will attract investors that will partner with polytechnic institutions as students in these institutions have a lot of potential and innovations that can help develop the country.

The ZITF commenced today, April 23 and runs until April 27.

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