Cop arrested for stock theft

Two men, one of them a police officer, have been arrested for stock theft after stealing and slaughtering an ox belonging to a 42 year old woman in Uzumba.

The two suspects, a civilian Admire Machipisa and Constable Kudzanai Hwingwiri both from Support Unit camp in Chikurubi were intercepted at a police roadblock.

According to police sources, officers from Mutawatawa camp set up a roadblock on Friday morning at Magunje turn off, Murewa under operation ‘No to Bangamuto’.

“While carrying out a stop and search road block, a Nissan Sylph, registration number ACY 0325 approached from Mutawatawa direction wherefore constable Makaza signalled the driver to stop. When the motor vehicle stopped, Constable Makaza demanded to search the vehicle after introducing himself to the driver. That is when the accused Constable Hwingwiri went out of the vehicle and pretended to be heading to the boot. He then insisted that his boot had problems opening. He then switched off his engine and immediately fled from the scene,” sources said.

It is said that Constable  Madzivadondo and Constable Chiorese ran after him but he soon disappeared to a nearby field.

Machipisa was arrested by Sergeant Nyarupota and Constable Makaza as he tried to exit the vehicle.

“A search was then conducted on the boot of the vehicle, where the police officers discovered the carcass of an ox. A thorough search was also made in the vehicle where they recovered a police identity card belonging to Hwingwiri of the rank of Constable and a fully charged magazine of an AK 47 riffle.”

The police officers noticed that the suspects had not skinned the beast but had cut it into halves and removed the offals which were then placed in a sack.

The head, which was removed from the carcass, was also packed in the boot.

“Upon questioning,  Machipisa later indicated to police that the two had stolen the ox from a cattle pen in Mutarimanja village.”
He led a team comprising Sergeant Nyarupota, Constable  Vuma and Constable  Mazivadondo to the complainant’s residence where he indicated to them where they stole the ox.

It is said that Machipisa also led the police officers to a place where they had slaughtered the ox, about 400 metres west of the complainant’s homestead near the road.

“Complainant affirmed that she had her ox stolen from the cattle pen. She was taken to Magunje where she managed to identify the carcass in the accused persons’ vehicle as that of her stolen ox. The total value stolen is united states dollars 300 and was all recovered,” the source said.

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