Chief Ndiweni:I am not aligned to any political party

Firebrand Ntabazinduna Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni has denied allegations that he is working with various opposition political parties saying that he was simply voicing out the concerns of the people under his jurisdiction.

The Ntabazinduna chief said these remarks while addressing the media on Saturday in Ntabazinduna during his meeting with community members.

“I note with concern that some individuals are trying to push inuendos that Chief Ndiweni follows this party or this party,” said the traditional leader.

“When I went to see Joyce Mujuru of People First they said Chief Ndiweni is following her when l went to see Dabengwa they said I follow ZAPU.

“I was doing my job and I am doing my job. In my jurisdiction, people will vote differently but at the end of the day they are all my people and I need to address my concerns to them.”

Chief Ndiweni stated that he has attended a number of functions hosted by different political parties to acquaint himself with the situation on the ground.

“I have been to many government functions; I have been to many Zanu PF functions. Having done that it was incumbent for me to go to all other political party functions so that I, as a chief can ascertain what is going on,” he said.

The chief said it was within his constitutional role to speak out on issue affecting people.

“The role of a traditional leader gives those incumbent traditional leaders the authority and the necessity to speak on every subject there is,” said Chief Ndiweni.

“When you get to a home and there’s childbirth, the chief is involved, when there is a wedding the Chief is involved when there is a funeral the Chief is involved. When there is an issue on health in my jurisdiction the chief has to speak if there is an issue on education the Chief is involved. This is an individual who by his statutory requirements has to speak on every subject.”

He said traditional leaders differ from politicians whose duties are specific according to their roles.

“The politician is more restrictive that is why you find a minister of education cannot speak on antenatal care or the police. When it comes to the political arena their conversation is much more restrictive but for a chief, their conversation must be broad and wide.”


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