CJ Luke Malaba goes after Osiphatheleni

...orders local authority to remove them from the streets

In a scene reminiscent of one of the most dramatic scenes in the Bible when Jesus Christ used a whip to drive out illegal money changers who were operating inside a temple, Chief Justice Luke Malaba has ordered the removal illegal money changers operating outside the Tredgold Magistrates’ Courts.

Tredgold building is known as a popular haven for illegal money changers, known as Osiphatheleni, who are involved in unscrupulous money deals.

The money changers have also taken over the parking bays outside the building, a situation which leads to traffic congestion, while illegal vendors have also invaded the pavements to sell their various wares.

Speaking at the commissioning of three additional courtrooms at the Bulawayo High Court on Friday, Malaba said it was surprising that Tredgold Building, which was a doyen of justice was a popular site for illegal activities.

He implored the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) in conjunction with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to take steps and decongest the area.

“I wish to extend gratitude to council fathers for the support they gave the JSC in the construction of the courtrooms, the council cooperated right through the process. However the congestion outside Tredgold building is a cause of concern,” he bemoaned.

Malaba highlighted that it was unhealthy for the court, which was a house of law, to ignore the illegal activities taking place in its vicinity.

“I am certain that the BCC will take further steps about the matter, it is not a healthy situation,” he said.

“It is not healthy to have illegal activities taking place just outside the foundation of justice”.

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