Christmas cheer for child headed families

In celebration of Christmas, a local charity foundation Luyanda Uthando Children’s Foundation (LUCF) will donate groceries to four child headed families on Christmas Day, in a bid to ensure these families are able to join in the festive celebrations.

This is the third grocery run that LUCF has done this year.

LUCF founder Precious Mhlanga said the aim for the grocery donations is to make sure children feel loved.
“We are delivering the groceries to underprivileged, child-headed homes under the St. Martin’s orphanage Programme in Emganwini,” said Mhlanga.

“We hope that the children will feel loved and appreciated this Christmas.”

She said St Martin’s orphanage programme is run by a nurse who is dedicated at contributing to the welfare of the children.

“The programme is run by Jane, a nurse who normally bears all the costs of feeding and educating the children,”said Mhlanga.

“We assist Jane where we can because as LUCF we adopted St. Martin’s as our main beneficiary.”

Mhlanga also said LUCF is raising money for a girl who finished her A level in 2016 but can not acquire her results due to her outstanding fees debt.

“We are also raising funds for Rumbidzai Furusayi, also from St. Martin’s Orphanage who finished her A Levels in 2016. She is unable to apply for university scholarships or look for suitable employment without her results, said Mhlanga

She added: “We have raised $110 so far from the $255 bond that she owed.”
Mhlanga stated that LUCF has previously had more donation events but due to the economic situation and lack of funds, the foundation has been unable to continue working as it used to.

She encourages people to take time and visit orphanages and spend time with the less fortunate as that holds a great impact.

“We understand that times are tough for everyone in the country, but donations do not always have to be monetary. Spend a few minutes at an orphanage, give them your time, encourage them, show them they are appreciated,” said Mhlanga.

“You will make a huge impact in their young lives forever.”

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