Chamisa unveils new party logo

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has unveiled a new party logo which the party leader, Nelson Chamisa described as a symbol of hope.

The new logo is a derivative of the logo that the party has been using since its launch at the beginning of the year.

Chamisa’s face which was the main feature of the logo has been replaced with a yellow circle, a representation of the sun. The prominent yellow background has been replaced by a white background.

“The logo meaning… New Sunrise, Hope, Brilliance, Balance, Excellence, Fresh, Clean, Clear, Solid, Love and Oneness… CITIZENS AT THE CENTRE,” Chamisa wrote on his social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook.

Interestingly, Chamisa said the logo with his face will be used during the elections as has been the case during the by-elections.

The latest development has drawn mixed reactions, especially on social media.

One user Twitter user said, “Brilliant, as a graphic designer myself I’m impressed. If you listen to various opinions of how the logo should look like haupedze kugadzira logo (you won’t have a proper logo), yet a logo is one of the least important things for an organisation.”

Another Twitter user also supported the idea, “This is brilliant Mr. Chamisa in the spirit of building institutions. A lot of people would not have been willing to get their faces off the logo once it was already there,” he said.

Another one identified as Mkanya posted, “Behind you all the way, all hands on deck, faka pressure, stronger together, register to vote, yellow is the color. BEHOLD THE NEW.”

However, some people disliked the new look of the logo.

“You should have employed people to create a good logo, this is just a round with yellow colors. Is there anybody in CCC who is very serious who can sit down and come up with a very good logo?’ asked one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user queried,  “Does this not spark confusion amongst the citizens of Zimbabwe. Will this not be some drawback of our consistency in order?”

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