Chamisa: ED to blame for economic crisis

MDC president Nelson Chamisa says the country is facing a confidence crisis and not a liquidity crisis, a situation he blamed on the ruling party, Zanu PF.

Speaking at a press conference at Morgan Tsvangirai House in Harare, Tuesday, Chamisa said the country was facing a leadership crisis.

“The situation in the country is debilitating and worsening by the day. It is caused by structural deficiencies and distortions,” said Chamisa.

“What is definitely clear is that there is absence of leadership as the nation is orphan and parentless at this moment.”

The opposition leader insisted that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was an illegitimate president who is to blame for current economic crisis.

“An illegitimate leader is always clueless. We cannot move under the circumstances of an illegitimate government. Instead of moving on we move around.”

Chamisa told journalists that he has traversed he country to assess the situation.

“I have a full understanding of what people are going through,” he said.

“Last weekend I spent five hours in a fuel queue which delayed us to a meeting we were heading to.”

Chamisa said the Zanu PF government had promised to usher in economic prosperity but instead have brought in misery to the nation.

“I said we were going to construct spaghetti roads, Mnangagwa has given us spaghetti queues. I urge all Zimbabweans that the time has come to reflect on our circumstances and find solutions to our common problems,” he said.

He told journalists that he had rejected claimed overtures by President Mnangagwa to create a position for him in parliament.

“I told him that the post that he is creating is for an opposition party and Zanu PF is an opposition party because they lost the election.”

Meanwhile, the opposition party is set to hold its belated 19th anniversary celebrations this Saturday in Harare.

The celebrations were slated for last month but were put on hold after government imposed a ban on public gatherings in the capital following an outbreak of Cholera.

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