Chamisa: Byo is a special city

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa says they will push for the implementation of devolution as a way of empowering local communities.

In his Road to Victory weekly address, Chamisa said they will dismantle the “Hararenization” of national resources.

“In the spirit of devolution encapsulated in our Constitution, we will devolve power to all regions and communities so that local people are empowered to make decisions and to control and benefit from the resources around them,’ said Chamisa.

“Devolution is the true involvement of a people in the management of their own affairs and in the new Zimbabwe; we do not wish to continue this Hararenization of key national essential activities and services”.

Ahead of the MDC Alliance rally at White City Stadium this Saturday, Chamisa said the second largest city will “reclaim its status as the industrial capital of the country and as the centre of innovation”.

Chamisa added: “Zimbabweans need and deserve development. As a country, we need the strands of development to be felt in all corners of the country so that everyone feels they belong. As things stand, a lot of our communities justifiably feel left out of the government matrix of development”.

The opposition grouping has been embarking on rallies around the country ahead of the harmonised elections slated for July.

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