CCC calls for solution to end cycle of disputed elections in Zimbabwe

Pelandaba-Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Gift Ostallos Siziba has called for a political roadmap to resolve the cycle of disputed elections in Zimbabwe.

Siziba, who is also the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy spokesperson, made the call after appearing at the West Commonage Magistrate court in Bulawayo where he together with Bulawayo Central MP Surrender Kapoikulu, councillors Simbarashe Dube (Ward 20), Earnest Rafamoyo (former councillor), Lovewell Mwinde (ward 14) and Tendai Masotsha are facing two charges of contravening section 153 (1) of the Electoral Act Chapter 2:13 ‘defacing a political poster and criminal insult charge.

“We have seen that for the past few weeks after the sham flawed election in this country, members of the democratic alternative have not been spared from the attack from the regime in Harare. Obviously, it’s a clear sign that the regime didn’t win this election because if you had won the election, you wouldn’t victimize people. We know that our people are being harassed in the countryside in no particular order,” said Siziba.

Siziba said it is clear that democracy is over trial in Zimbabwe and that the country is back to an uncertain future. He said the solution lies in resolving the cycle of disputed elections.

He said for the past 43 years all the elections in Zimbabwe have been subjected to legal challenges.

“Beginning with elections after independence in 1980 up to today.  It shows that elections have not been done in a fair and credible manner in this country thus why we have involved diplomatic and regional  offensive as a movement because SADC, to us, as a member state has got a responsibility to make sure that they assist us  as Zimbabweans to resolve this crisis particularly countries in the region like South Africa because to South Africa the Zimbabwean crisis is  a domestic issue rather than a foreign policy issue to them thus why we have engaged SADC, a regional body so that we are able to find each other,” said Siziba

Siziba urged Zimbabweans to remain vigilant and understand that they are going to be in and out of court due to the persecution they are experiencing.

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