CCC aspiring councillor promises to unite Nkulumane community

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring councillor for Ward 22 in Bulawayo, Bruce Mmeli Moyo says if he wins, he will form a Community Consensus Committee that will represent the interests of different stakeholders in the community.

In an interview with CITE, Moyo said he is going to build a community that will promote inclusive representation.

“We believe that in our society we have different classes, we have vendors, orphans, women, men and youths. All those people are supposed to be represented so we are going to create what we call Community Consensus Committees. These committees will be representing different sectors of stakeholders in our community,” he said.

He said that the agenda behind this is to ensure that they have a decision-making process that puts citizens first.

“We have an implementation process that puts citizens first, we have also feedback processes that puts citizens first because as Nkulumane we had a challenge with people we elected who didn’t come back with feedback after being elected.”

Moyo added, “As a servant from Nkulumane coming from a young generation, very energetic, focused on the way forward on how to take this ward forward, I understand that every person must be represented in my community we will make sure that women have their challenges that I can’t understand as a male figure that will need a women’s committee.”

 He said the business community will also have its own clusters.

“There is a business cluster which has specific issues to do with business that I can’t understand because I am not a business person so they will need a business committee, so everyone will be represented, from a micro level to a macro level so that our committee is united regardless of sex, race, tribe.”

Moyo added that they are going to create a local economy which will promote local skills.

“We know we have many graduates and they don’t have jobs but they are skilled in engineering, arts, what we will do is create an environment, a society and a platform for them to practice and elevate skills through engaging some civic society organization and investors to come and invest in certain projects that they will be doing so that we create employment,” he said.

“We are going to come up with mini-industries that will promote the local skill in Nkulumane, people are complaining about infrastructural development, roads are worn out, sewerage pipes are damaged but we have plumbers who are able to partake in that job. So, we are going to create industries that will promote income generation.”

Moyo said his leadership seeks to bring in new innovative and strategic ideas.

He added that he will also work on changing the local authority’s by-laws as they need to be revised.

“It is on policy making, it’s a technical aspect, if we don’t change our laws we use in council, we will have a problem to develop our community. Our people have suffered for a long time, our people have been complaining that our roads are not being repaired and we know that the laws we are using it’s a statute of 1979, I was not yet born, so it needs to be revised,” said Moyo.

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