Cancer can be beaten: survivor

The day Politeness Ndlovu was diagonised breast cancer she thought it was the beginning of the end of her life.

The day Politeness Ndlovu was diagnosed with breast cancer she thought it was the beginning of the end of her life.

Breaking the news to her family and friends was one of the most difficult things she has had to do.

However, through sheer determination, she managed to beat the ailment although she lost one breast in the process.

“I was diagnosed in June 2016, it was an emotional moment for my family and loved ones,” said Ndlovu.

“I cried a lot and had no clue of what was to become of me especially not having an idea that breast cancer has stages, some are manageable and some are not.”

She immediately began treatment in July 2016 but chemotherapy was too painful for her and she decided to quit.

“I did a radical mastectomy three weeks after diagnosis that was in July 2016 and started my chemotherapy in November to January 2017,” she said.

“However, l did not finish my chemotherapy, after making a lot of research and opted for other therapies that have since worked for me.”

Ndlovu said she has acquired lots of information from the massive research and experience on the causes of breast cancer.

“I have learnt a lot about breast cancer in the past years through research and experience,” she said.

“There is surely no main cause of breast cancer, we only have numerous risk factors like alcohol, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle, genetics, diet, to name a few and above all early detection saves lives.”

“Cancer at its early stages is manageable,” she adds.

“I have been very lucky with my support system, it always has to start with you as an individual to accept what has become and the positive energies that you emit will attract more positive support from family and friends,” said Ndlovu.

She said surviving breast cancer comes with lots of determination and perseverance.

“Being a survivor is hard work, you can only call yourself a survivor after investing a lot of goodness and goodies to your body and its cells, also having the willpower to survive,” said Ndlovu.

“I got a healthy baby boy this year, he was doing well with one breast.”

Ndlovu founded an organization called Pink Aware which provides breast cancer awareness and offers support to the needy and the affected.

Her vision for the organization is to have an examination lab where people can be freely checked and offered enough support and quick treatment.

“I encourage all other ladies who are affected by the disease or going through the most painful treatment of chemo and radiotherapy, offering them support and tips on diet and other wellness programmes,” she said.

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month.

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